Canopy was born as a project by 2 oenologist friends, professionals of the wine world, enterprise and hotel business: Alfonso Chacón and Belarmino Fernández. Two very different personalities who join together in order to accomplish their dream: to make a high quality wine from the vineyard.

It all begins in 2004 with the selection of the vineyards and the bet for the D.O. Méntrida, in Toledo. Though it is true that this D.O. did not enjoy a good reputation, being specialized from the old days in the production of bulk wines and with very few wineries committed to make a bottled quality wine, it complied with an essential condition: an old vineyard basically based on the Garnacha variety and the peculiar characteristics of the terrain.

The search for our vineyards led us to discover one of the best terroirs in the area. The plots are located in a mountain range, at 750 metres altitude, over siliceous soils, with great abundante of granitic mother rock. A poor substratum, adapted from the old times to the cultivation of the wine grape. The Garnacha vineyards, planted in the 50 and 60 decades, are head-trained within narrow limits, sinceit was costumery to work with animals.