One terroir, two friends, a single passion

P.D.O. Méntrida (Toledo)

Grenache vineyards in a harsh and demanding land
North of the Méntrida P.D.O. (Toledo), under the influence of the Sierra de Gredos at an altitude of 750 meters, is the Sierra de San Vicente nestled amidst the Tiétar and Tajo valleys. Its favorable microclimate can be felt at night when temperatures drop and aromas waft through our old Grenache vineyards which, together with the modern Syrah plantations, turn them into veritable gardens perfectly suited to a harsh and demanding land.

Unique wines

We highlight the unique character of the wines from the Sierra de Gredos
We're a young winery bent on rediscovering the historical terroir and wines of Méntrida. By engaging in organic farming and showing absolute respect for the grapes, we produce wines from the viewpoint of grapevines. Our minimally invasive winemaking techniques let our silicon-granite soils express themselves to the fullest, ensuring that mastering and elegance go hand in hand to produce unique wines.

At Canopy, we firmly believe that the old Grenache grapevines mark the terroir, becoming our differentiating factor. This is why we pour all our efforts into emphasizing the unique character of the wines from the Sierra de Gredos.

The vines

We think about the wines from the vineyards and we convey the uniqueness of each one to the glass
By reason of our passion for wine and the desire to give the Méntrida P.D.O. the places it deserves, Bodegas Canopy started out on its journey in November 2003. Founders Belarmino Fernández and Alfonso Chacón began a search for old Grenache and Syrah grapevines on which to build their dream: envisioning wine from the perspective of grape vines and conveying their uniqueness in the glass.

It was in the Méntrida region—specifically in El Real de San Vicente, which is in the southern foothills of the Sierra de Gredos—where we found old Grenache vineyards at an altitude of between 750 and 895 meters above sea level, with head-trained spur-pruned vines on granite soils with ages ranging from 60 to 95 years. Meanwhile, in the town of Camarena located 575 meters above sea level, we found 30-year-old trellised Syrah vines which suited our purposes perfectly. In was in another town at an altitude of 618 meters, Ventas de Retamosa, where we found an old white Grenache vineyard—one of the few remaining of this variety in central Spain.

After a successful search, we already had the primary ingredient to make our dream come true: THE GRAPEVINES.

Our wines

The wines of Bodegas Canopy are unique, because we take the utmost care of our vineyards and because of the distinctive personality of our parcels and the way we produce and age our wines. As it could not be otherwise, each of our wines is completely one-of-a-kind.







CM-5001 cruce Camino de los Cebollinos
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