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In 2019, Bodegas Canopy and Bodegas Attis presented Estéreo, a red wine created in tandem, made with 50% Grenache and 50% Sousón barrel-aged one year. An alliance between both wineries that takes the form of a unique, extraordinary wine that brings together the mountains and the sea in all their majesty.

A red wine with a great personality and a decidedly Atlantic character bestowed by the fresh Burgundian Grenache grapes of Gredos and the delicate and aromatic Sousón grapes of the Rías Baixas—a rare variety whose recovery Bodegas Attis has been very involved with.

With a limited production of 400 bottles and 200 magnums, this new wine brings together the uniqueness of the historical terroir of Méntrida and the Atlantic side of Galicia, as well as Canopy’s practice of sustainable winegrowing involving minimal intervention and Attis’s respect for the indigenous and craftsmanship.

Its 3D label—complete with 3D viewing glasses—is the work of the creative agency Entretanto. Its name, Estéreo, defines this two-way cooperation, because it’s not a single-variety wine and if it’s not mono…. It’s stereo.

Fact sheet

D.O.: None.
Hundred-year-old high-altitude Grenache from the Méntrida region. Granitic soil with an abundance of pebbles.
Sousón from the Rías Baixas in the subarea of Val do Salnés.
Soil of decomposed granite entisols.
Blend of two varieties: 50% high-altitude Grenache and Atlantic Sousón.
Hand harvesting in perforated 15 kg crates. Hand selection upon arrival to the winery.
Spontaneous alcoholic fermentation in open 500 L barrels. Maceration for a total of 15 days with 2 punch downs per day. Manual vertical press. Spontaneous malolactic fermentation.
Aged 12 months in French oak barrels.

Tasting Notes

Ripe cherry red color. In a still glass, aromas of red fruits (blueberries, raspberries, etc.) are perceived; resinous notes accompanied by others reminiscent of the cedar of a cigar box, as well as pepper, cocoa and coffee.

What you have before you is a wine that keeps changing.

In the mouth, it’s fresh and medium-bodied but long and intense during retronasal olfaction. The aftertaste is long and pleasant and again, it fills our mouth with memories of the taste of red fruits, with an acidity that promises long life.

Its tannins melt in the mouth—fresh, long and pleasant—, with a decidedly Atlantic character.

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