The vine

The different Grenache grape vines in the Sierra de Gredos planted at a high altitude on silicon-granite soils are the real treasures of Bodegas Canopy. We grow them without using any kind of chemical or herbicide, in order to keep the soil of our vineyards—veritable gardens—alive and thriving. In this way, we let the true personality of Grenache grapes shine to create the best Gredos wines we possibly can.

At our Grenache vinery, we understand that biodiversity is crucial to maintaining an optimal ecosystem.

Our organic approach to growing Red Grenache allows the living soil to have natural predators while the vines remain perfectly safe against possible pests.

Work begins in February, when we determine the crop load the plant will have by means of pruning, with very low yields to assure high quality. We then continue with green pruning, removing excess shoots at the end of March, when we work the land by weeding so the plants do not have any competition for resources. Then we prune the vine shoots, in order to achieve the right amount of growth to protect the bunches from the sun’s rays. In this way, they mature more slowly and we obtain a raw material of the utmost quality, resulting in our wines’ unique personality.

At the Syrah plantations we have in the town of Camarena and the White Grenache vineyard in the town of Ventas de Retamosa, planted on clay-sandy soils at an altitude of 575 and 618 meters, respectively, we follow the same philosophy. We respect the environment as much as possible in order to express the “terroir” of our wines in the best possible way, staying true to our creed of making wines from the grapevine.

Viña de Bodegas Canopy

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